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Resources on EO

A collection of resources on EO

The Employee Ownership Association offers an abundant source of information on all aspects of employee ownership.

Here is a selection of the material they provide.

Employee Ownership - how to get started

Employee Ownership - How to get started

Employee Ownership: How to Get Started is a valuable guide for businesses interested in becoming employee-owned. The guide highlights the three most common models of employee ownership, identifying the key features of each. It also looks at public service spin-outs, governance and funding.

Guide to structuring Employee Ownership

Guide to Structuring Employee Ownership

If you have begun to think about introducing employee ownership and are ready to consider the detail of implementation, this Guide is for you. Authored by Robert Postlethwaite and published by the EOA in association with Co-operative Development Scotland and The Law Society of Scotland.

EOA - The Ownership Dividenc

EOA - the Ownership Dividend

The evidence and recommendations of the Ownership Effect Inquiry – a panel of UK business leaders and industry experts, which heard and examined evidence from 100+ employee-owned businesses and advisors, concluded there is a significant and valuable Ownership Dividend to be gained from more employee ownership in the UK economy.

10 Misconceptions about EO

Succession Planning Part 2


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