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Exiting your business is one of the biggest changes you will ever experience in your life. Taking the right decisions – ones which you will not regret – requires consideration of what is fundamentally important to you. It may be that legacy and ensuring the livelihood of your employees is key, or it may be rewarding senior managers or maximising the value of your business. Having been through the exiting experience, I can help you understand your priorities and objectives.

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Passing on a legacy

The Rooflight Company

There are a variety of drivers behind every business sale. During the process, we realised that passing on our legacy was becoming more important than we imagined.

When you’re considering selling your business, there are several options available. We decided to sell to employees, here’s our story.

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Succession Planning  – Part 1

Creating a robust leadership team

Every business owner has to face preparing for their exit at some point; the first step is succession planning. Here’s how I approached it at the Rooflight Company, which we sold to employees in March 2019.

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Succession Planning  – Part 2

Developing people to their full potential

Personal training and development plans are a given in all successful businesses, but how do you know if you’re developing people to their full potential?

Team meeting to project manage exit strategy

Project managing our exit strategy

Planning stages

There are 3 aspects to selling any business – legal, financial, and organisational. I decided at the outset to use a change-frame model to help me navigate the whole process. Read about how that works:

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Embedding a values-led culture

“Do or do not, there is no try”

How do you go from values being just words on a wall to having a meaningful impact on the business and on employees’ behaviour?
Here is how we set about achieving it.

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Exiting your business?

Clarify your priorities and options with the ReadiMap model

Free business exit audit

When you’re faced with selling your business, you want to ensure the steps you take are ones you’ll not regret. What if you could share your thinking with someone impartial using a process that helps clarify your priorities and options?

Having successfully sold our business to our 70 employees, I offer a free consultation using the ReadiMap® Business Exit Audit which enables you to decide on the ownership structure that is right for you and your business, and what to do next.

Pass on your legacy