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Benefits of Employee Ownership

Research indicates that shared ownership delivers superior business performance and provides resilience when times are tough, as the co-owners tend to be more motivated and committed to the company and its success.

Robert Postlethwaite

What is EO and how does it work?

Robert Postlethwaite of Postlethwaite Solicitors explains the fundamentals of Employee Ownership.

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Video - Financial aspects of EO

Ten Facts About EO Trusts

For many business owners looking for a succession solution, an Employee Ownership Trust has a number of attractions including relief on Capital Gains Tax.

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Misconceptions about EO

Top ten misconceptions on EO

Many Business Owners have misconceptions about Employee Ownership (EO) which means that this important exit alternative is often ignored. Should you consider a business sale to employees?

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Misconceptions about EO

Resources on EO

The Employee Ownership Association (EOA)  represents organisations that are employee-owned or transitioning to employee ownership across the UK.

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