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Employee Ownership

The service we provide

Free consultation to obtain an understanding of your situation and the key drivers behind your exit using a combination of coaching and mentoring techniques. If you decide employee ownership is not your best option, or that the timing is not right, hopefully, I will have helped you clarify your exit options and the timing that is right for you.

If you decide you want to pursue employee ownership as an exit plan, I will explain the project management model, which provides rigour to the whole process and helps you think through the key aspects of the business sale and a realistic time frame.



The first stage allows us to establish clarity on what you want to achieve through the sale, both from a personal and business point of view. This is done by using the Project Contract, the purpose of which is to achieve clarity on: Vision and Goals, Business Benefits, Risks and Opportunities, Milestones, Completion Dates, and Critical Success Factors. Once the Project Contract is completed, you will have greater clarity on what you want to achieve and a realistic timeline. We will then work on the project plan and I will make introductions to legal and financial specialists who are the right fit for you.
Developing the optimum solution

Developing the Solution

In conjunction with your legal and financial experts, you will need to decide on the right employee ownership model for you. It’s very likely you will have a Board of Trustees, whose role is to act on behalf of the employees and a Trust Deed, which sets out the legal framework. Clearly, the financial considerations form a significant element of the process, and demand thorough examination to ensure you’re making the best decisions for you and your business. Having been through that same process, I will act as a sounding board in order to support you in the critical decisions you will be making.

EO Implementation


Communication to employees is a critical part of a successful implementation. You will not have all the answers, but it is important that you have a consistent message to avoid unnecessary confusion and the risk of having a negative reaction from employees. It’s important to decide what you are going to say, to whom, and when. I will provide support to enable a positive response from your employees.
EO Integration


Once the deal is done, the expectations of your employees will be different, and you will need to think about the election of a representative body and how to ensure effective and transparent communication. Having tried and tested a number of ways to achieve this, I will support you through the aspects of embedding an employee ownership and values-led culture.

Employee Ownership

The whys and the hows

Peter Morris of AHMM Architects gives a great account of why and how AHMM transitioned to employee ownership and why the ownership model is so well suited to architectural practices.

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