About Us

BFG (Business as a Force for Good) was started in March 2020 by Val King, former owner/Managing Director, now Trustee of the Rooflight Company, a manufacturing business with 70 employees based in the Cotswolds. She and her husband Peter sold a majority shareholding of the business to employees in March 2019 via an Employee Ownership Trust.

With a firm belief that business can be a force for good, Val has set up BFG Associates to help exiting business owners decide if employee ownership is right for them, then working with them to navigate the transition process. Val keeps up to date on best practice in the EO sector, and is on the Employee Ownership Association Membership Council.

The Rooflight Company was founded on three Guiding Principles – Values-led culture, Innovation and Long-term sustainability, both from an environmental and financial point of view. At this transformational point in history these principles, and the fact that the company is employee-owned are proving to be essential in its survival and future prosperity.

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